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Dec 1, 2012 5:30pm EST
. they are also building more cities than anybody else, going from 75 cities of 1 million people to two 20 cities of 1 million people to almost 20 cities of ten million people and in doing that they will be building our highways and power plants of tomorrow and the czech writer has a lot of power in what these look like so they will be dictating what those things look like as well and as they create vast reserves of wealth and giving it to people who need to borrow it europeans who need to borrow it gain influence that way and when they go to latin america where they are the number one trading partner investor in brazil or africa where they are number one investor they get a lot of influence that way. is not just economic growth but economic leverage and economic power. they are growing as a soft power leader in the world and that is something we need to watch carefully because their interests do not always a line which hours. >> host: next call from maurice in walton, ky. >> caller: hello. >> host: please go ahead. >> caller: i would like to ask mr. rothkopf to cite some examples of large corpor
Dec 3, 2012 5:30am EST
, and that is significant because it really does show and it really brings the city as a part of the throat and it really does give some relief is he telling you will see on the atlanta falcons, you see the skyline on the top of the city, that is really nice and atlanta falcons, speaking of the skyline, these guys right here, setting the stage in setting themselves up to a run at the big game towards the end of the season. >>guest: i have to make sure you see the back of this because this is the sure the experience, this is the warm cozy wrapped itself around at the first quarter of the first game and still be wrapped around it at the end of sunday night football. they're so soft, so incredibly comfortable and that is why so many people pick them up to give to their kids come grandkids, for bed so far, you cannot go wrong with this as a gift and if you do have people and of life you know who are fans the different teams come to take advantage of by more and is one of the first items that we offer here, with football fan shop, this goes out each year in and each one is different and unique but
Dec 1, 2012 9:30pm EST
what it wase like.ple, imagine something like thaticane going through your neighborhood, your city when you're living in a tent. there's something like 74,000th acre or more of land that hashe been the harvest, you know. more problems ahead that have grown as a result of the earth spooking, if you will, with the hurricane. you have more food insecurity. a number of cholera cases have increased with hurricane sandy. we're dealing and people tend to forget we are -- canceling canceling with urgent and difficult situation in haiti. >> where did "so spoke the earth: the haiti i knew, the haiti i know, the haiti i want to know" come from? >> it is anin wy difcu anthologs edited by a group of women here >> miami of women writers called women writers of haitianf decedent.o wr one of theer intellectual wrote. book "so spoke the uncle" he advocated for haitians to take control of their stories, to tell their stories "barack obama: the stories" of their lives at literature and those women, the groups of women got together and edited this that cover the three sections in. the haiti i know, the hai
Dec 1, 2012 8:00am EST
to another plantation. there were villages and towns and cities in the north come in and in the north people could read the slaves. there were opportunities in manufacturing where they could learn skills and serve as apprentices and learn skills and trades. couldn't do that in the south. the only opportunity for work was field hands, and then when it caught him chain was invented -- cotton shane was invented, you now have a sort of patrician of plantation owners. middle and lower-income people buying property and planting cotton. prior to that, most of the poor whites in the south were against slavery because the slaves compete for jobs. >> unlike most politicians he put his political career on the line in favor of abolition. he was the first to stand up for emancipation and he led the fight throughout his congressional career which began after his presidency. he failed to be reelected and the presidency because he didn't have the common touch. he believed that there was beneath the dignity of a president shall candidate to go out in the countryside and make promises to people that he knew h
Dec 1, 2012 10:15am EST
. there are different philosophers. i talked about my friends that have been killed and working with city high school kids and talked about your duty to their experiences the friends who had been killed, and it was a personal discussion that we never would have had if it weren't for the provocation and at the end of its that's why i never should have said this in the first place. free speech as a moral high ground. they tell you what to say so never see that. like a lot of private colleges it has pretty restrictive speech codes and i know you've talked a little bit about the whole guarantee of the free speech but there's still a lot fewer tools. it's a lot harder to make the case for free speech and private universities how would you recommend we go about that? >> i don't spend too much time on that because i write so much about this. i have some real religion but the distinction of private and public colleges but the answer this question a lot. the first amendment applies to the public colleges. it doesn't apply to the public. there's something called the leonard law that applies the first amendment
Dec 1, 2012 2:30pm EST
teenage use in your view to live outside some of the major cities of the u.s.? >> it could be. i mean, obviously there are pros and cons. we miss living near new york city. obviously we had a severe crisis, which i hope we don't. i'm not sure that large population centers where somebody would want to be. obviously it would be unthinkable should happen. it's not why we moved, if there were a really bad attack of one type of another, we don't live in a concentrated area. there are advantages. >> we have been talking with thomas woods junior. the most recent book "rollback: repealing big government before the coming fiscal collapse." this is booktv on c-span2 on locations in las vegas. >>> booktv on facebook. like us to interact with booktv guests and viewers. watch viewers, get up-to-date information booktv sat down with philip auerswald to discuss his book "the coming prosperity: how entrepreneurs are transforming the global economy." he was in atense for the fall for the book festival held annually at the university. it's about a half an hour. >>> now joining us h
Dec 3, 2012 4:00am EST
: this is a huge throw and measure 60 in. by 80 in. as a lugehelmet a landscape of the city and stadium of the team'sthose teams where they play. >>host: a one and ensure you see that your teams receivable the government and remember i wanna take one second because upright beautiful and as a great graphic and story to tell. this is going to be on your skin and i want to deceive the sure but because it is a soft cozy and winter decadent material that everyone will love and wrap themselves around it. i almost feel like we should call it a blanket and not throw because for example if you have kids that are going off to college it is great and perfect sizing for dorm rooms. many times you do not watch football alone it is big enough for many people to underneath it. the features are fantastic and everybody talks about how they wash well and they get softer the colors never believed our fate. ifown one of these throes would love to hear from you during the presentation. this is a perfect gift for everybody on last and we will start to see some of the team's ball out. we the dallas cowboys which is pop
Dec 1, 2012 9:00am EST
inculcating the squawks one thing is in the big city it's easy to inculcate this in the city where you come across people look different all the time. then i also talk about literature. when i was a kid i didn't come across people were different all the time and i learned about religious minorities, african-americans, i learned from books there was a particular author i talk about who was a pennsylvania woman that wrote books about religious minorities and she particularly focused on the minorities that had lives that seemed constraining and one of my favorite books when i was little was about a little quaker girl once the dresses her classmates had and she hates that her mother is urging her to wear this so then one day set in the pogo of the underground railroad a woman comes to is a sleeve on the underground railroad she sees this little girl and knows right away this is somebody that stands up for me and will help me so she asks can you find me a place to hide and she realizes the religion has constraints about positive ideas in the social justice and then she becomes proud so it is rat
Dec 1, 2012 12:30pm EST
. >> there was a study done a couple years ago, people participating in a city, germany, the united states and sweden and they asked a battery of questions, the united states respondents distrust of government more than the other countries. one question that stood out is to i trust our government to protect me and the american cancer know was off the scale, ten or 15 points. >> part of the reason for that they be related to the subject of skinny quality we have been talking about, we have such a high level of inequality, economic inequality and inevitably it gets translated to political inequality and particularly given the rules of the game like the rules of the economic game determining how economic system plays out, high levels of the quality, we have of political rules of the game, like citizens united that give scope and money we have moved closer to a system rather than one person one vote to one dollar one vote and that becomes self reenforcing so you have more political inequalities that generates laws and regulations that leads to more economic inequality and political inequality. a -- an ex
Dec 1, 2012 4:15pm EST
there are no president cities -- protestants. there are representatives from the new york city burrows, one from queens, ruth ginsburg from -- tragically staten island is unrepresented. so those are some facts about the supreme court which i home are interesting. here's a fact about the supreme court that's important. there are five republicans and four democrats. the supreme court to me, anyway, is most important as a political institution that renders largely political judgments about the issues that come before it. i don't say that as criticism. i often, in forums like this -- why do they have to do so much politics. can't they just decide the law? well, when they decide questions like, does the constitution protect a woman's right to abortion, does a university consider race in admission. those are as much political decisions as legal issues, and i am most concerned about the cower as a ideological and political institution and that's reflected through the personalities of the justices, but mostly it's reflected through their ideology, and i am obviously very interested in the justices as people, b
Dec 1, 2012 11:00am EST
, exploration, love of learning and literature, a natural combination for the city of boston at wbur so i am proud to be here especially for this panel. before i introduce the three amazing women who are sitting to my right a couple quick reminders. one is cellphones if you have already been given that reminder, please turn them off or at the very least silence. we are in the smart phone generation. i ask you, urged you to resist the word to tweet or facebook or look stuff up during this panel. great conversation is the focus. this is being recorded for broadcast on c-span and after the panel today at 12:15 there will be a book signing where all three of these women will be available behind the lectern to sign copies of their books. a reminder on all those fronts. without further ado, please let me introduce to you three incredible women. first, governor and ambassador madeline kunin from 1985. [applause] >> to 1991, she was governor of vermont and later united states ambassador to switzerland and liechtenstein and is author this book "the new feminist agenda: defining the next revolution fo
Dec 2, 2012 1:30am EST
-821 every time we shows up in carson city itself out. >>guest: this is a certified ministate 63 its and original carson city silver dollar that you are born to receive rights to their parent >>host: this is an historical piece the history and again i never 821 it is a limited quantity with only 30 available to go.we are going to go to ourand 19 our 1878 morganhour 1878 morgan silver dollar 7- over-8 tail feathers coin. >>guest: wednesday ingrate the dyes on as they put the original tells the others and you know that the eagles can have an even number 0 of tail brothers and flyback that have a on number of tail other supply. this was in the year flyn odd number of others to flyfeathers flay.y. bear 80 of colors or seven little interspersed part of the daughters and a reuse them a embroided lip this over if you do not mind. let's go of some top and you can see right it is per-share issue one of theat and rare american morgan silver dollars if you go or is the website they have that and it belittles the paper comes included and it is also silbert so the price $119 is i think is a b
Dec 1, 2012 7:00pm EST
ddt on a million civilians in italy and halted a typhus outbreak threatened the city. well, through the 1940s and 1850s and early 1960s, ddt kind of goes everywhere. and as it does, other insect sites chemically similar are developed, so there is a hole every of pesticides coming common use initially in military settings, but then after the war and forestry, agriculture, residential, things used in hospitals, commercial buildings and homes and lots and lots of different products. one of the problems for spraying poison from airplanes as it's really hard to control where it goes and yet this was done extensively. these are all classic. i grew up in florida where there was encephalitis as an epidemic that corrupted because the mosquitoes transmit brain disease. tracks like this have come from a neighborhood of limited my brothers and i would get his teeth into that mark as they possibly could because it was really fun. again, it was everywhere, thought to be harmless to people. although, i should say that carson's entries in ddt was based on evidence that it is not entirely safe. agai
Dec 2, 2012 7:30pm EST
is like we will show you. there is a menu you press show traffic and it scans the whole city showing you live traffic information. so you know the fastest way to get to work in the morning. turn by turn directions. >>host: the cell- phone i have right now is the contract obviously. the that you get by the way. i am spending $200 per month and i cannot get traffic on my phone. a lot of the things you can do with this cannot do with mind that i am spending $200 per month. --mine are the least bit skeptical, you need to wrap your brain around it. no contract or credit checks. you pay as you go. you are never out of money because you only buy what you probably will not need to get airtime for ya year because you get $140 worth. remember,if your purchase is a gift, hsn's return policy is now extended until january 31st, 2013! this applies until december 20, 2012. i would absolutely get it. you get this home and put it under the tree they will lose their minds. for parents of america you want a real smartphone because you get one pretending to be one they will be . get your first c
Dec 2, 2012 3:00pm EST
. all we need is her name address and we could even ship it to another in another city or state it does not cost you anything. $39.99 plus tax today and it gets shipped within 48 hours. anybody who calls after theext two hours i would say in all likelihood will go into extended delivery. they may have to wait a little bit longer to get their kindle- fire.and here is what you get the usb that is how charge it stylus earbudsa $25 gift certificate. aaron berger is esses are electronic expert. he has sold every single tablet (...) >>guest: known to man, womanild >>host: that is not an exaggeration. >>guest: we have got to sell a lot of great tablets but not more popular than this. it probably has been the most popular today's special i have done with 25,000 out the door. and it is 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. --4:00 p.m.. it is the lowest price we have ever done on the can pole, we have sold the kindle-fire before- a-kid pole. kindle 13 do on any tablet for the rest of thef you want to do email watch a video, download movies applications this is it. this is the one. the top sel
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15